Are you trained?

In our eyes, there are two types of people: trained or untrained. Which do you chose to be? Here at the Training Center, we offer a variety of programs ranging from cardio/conditioning fitness, competitive striking and kickboxing, realistic self-defense, and edge and improvise weapon training.

We target many current issues such as anti-bullying, teenage pressures, rape prevention, and the everyday dangers of society. For the competitor in you, we also offer exceptionally unique striking programs. Our head coach and owner, Frank Ursino, has become a sought after striking coach, having trained top competitors of mixed martial arts.

The basis of the Training Center is versatility, individuality, and true confidence. Whether you are training for the cage, ring, or streets, you can rest assured that all of our material is tried and true. We want all of our students to not only reach their physical capabilities, but surpass them with extraordinary confidence and skill. We want you to leave the mat everyday with the fearlessness of knowing, “I AM TRAINED”.